Welcome to the HeatHack programme for UK community building operators. This is the “Guide Book” for participating venues. It explains the programme and provides links to all publicly available materials for it.

We are always learning from our venues doing our best to respond to their needs. Please tell us what we should add.

This project was supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering under the Ingenious Awards programme. We are grateful for their support.

Scottish Episcopal Church congregations

If you are from the Scottish Episcopal Church and wanting to run their Net Zero Workshops, yes, you are in the right place. However, you should start here:

The workshops are based on our programme, and you will use this Guide Book for running your sessions, with a couple of minor differences.

You have your own version of the HeatHack action card game. Our explanations of the game and tips for how to run it are still useful, but go to their website to see the cards online and extra links for supporting you to take the actions. You can get the cards from your Diocese office. They’re a different graphical design. Most of the cards are the same but they have a few extra ones, like using green energy tariffs.

There are also special versions of the session schedules. These are very similar to the main programme, but are designed to allow for a break for vestry approval before thinking about community engagement, in case that is how things work in your charge. You have an option of 3 2-hour sessions or 2 3-hour sessions, but most groups find they want an additional “free-form” session to finish their planning, plan for community engagement, or both.